Why I Wash the Dishes at Work

This is a scene that is all too familiar at most work places: dirty dishes left by the sink. I am fortunate enough to have a dish washer at work, but that does not stop people from placing dirty dishes around the sink. Furthermore, most people do not feel inclined to empty the dishwasher.

Although it is one of my largest pet peeves, there is a different reason I choose to do the dishes at work. It’s not to earn respect, or in the hopes that I am seen doing them by my boss. The reason I do them is to force myself to not become lazy and complacent.

When I see things that need to be done I try my best to always do them, and in doing so I’m making that behaviour habitual. Over time it starts feeling less like a ‘chore’ and more like it’s just another item to check off my checklist.

Made with ❤ by Chris Hayes